About Me

Hello! My name is Crystal Schaffner. I am a Certified Energetic Medicine Woman, a psychic-medium, and a certified clairvoyant and herbalist. I also specialize in creating custom aromatherapy products to address specific needs. 

Many people are interested in the mind, body, spirit connection. There are tons of resources for helping us heal our minds and bodies, but people are often unaware of some of the methods available for healing our spirits. We may find people or places that lift us up, but do not make a lasting impact on the quality of our spirit and life.

 What is spirit? 

Spirit is energy. All living things have energy. What happens to our spirit is that other people’s energy, or any negative energy we take on, gets in our aura, and that’s when we become dis-eased. 

An energetic "healer" can practice Energetic Medicine as a method of clearing the spirit, mind and body of  dis-ease and realigning it with life force energy.  

I have been studying Energetic Medicine through a world-renowned school called Clearsight, since 2009. 

From an early age, I have been able to communicate with people who have passed on. As I have gotten older and more grounded in my own spiritual path, I have worked diligently to develop my psychic abilities, which I believe everyone has to some degree. During my readings, I am able to communicate clearly with spirits who choose to communicate with me for you. This can bring closure or insight into relationships with loved ones who are no longer with us on Earth. 

I am also able to help animals and talk to your pets. If you would like to better understand your animals, and find out more about their undesirable behavior, I am able to help with that by communicating with your animals on a spirit level.